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Drive-in films at Ontario Int’l Airport

Here’s an airport trend we’re thoroughly enjoying.

Ontario International Airport (ONT) in California is partnering with the City of Ontario and Street Food Cinema for a series of unfastened pressure-in movies.

The movies are going to be proven on 50-foot displays over four exclusive nights at the northeast corner of the airport belongings.

And film-goers will be able to track into the movie audio on their vehicle radios.

The first film at the schedule is “Ford v. Ferrari,” on June 19.

This is a super preference due to the fact many scenes inside the film are shot at ONT.

The other films to be shown at ONT Airport could be “The Sandlot” on July 3, “Princess Bride” on July 17, and “Napoleon Dynamite” on July 31.

Showtime for all 4 nights is eight:30 p.m.

The loose movie series hopes to carry humans together at a safe social distance (in their vehicles). The collection will even support local food banks by encouraging movie-goers to deliver donations of boxed meals.

And it turns out the City of Ontario and Ontario International Airport (ONT) have a wealthy film way of life.

Movies along with “Argo,” “Catch Me If You Can,” “A League of Their Own” and “Up In The Air” are among the dozens of functions shot on the town through the years.

This is in reality a nomination for “Airport Amenity of the Week.”

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2 thoughts on “Drive-in films at Ontario Int’l Airport

  1. says:

    I’d SO like to be on the airport for such a drive-in movies. Alas, too a long way away. But so pleased the airport his website hosting the movies for the network.

  2. Mark Thorpe says:

    Hi Harriet,

    We’d like to have you come join us at one of the drive-in movies this summer time!

    Let me know in case you’re up for it!

    Mark Thorpe

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