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Is it time for Boeing’s UV-powered self-cleansing plane rest room?

Courtesy Boeing

The opportunity of the use of ultraviolet mild to kill the COVID-19 virus has been in the news.

As are the distinct varieties of UV light: UVA, UVB and UVC.

And that reminded of us the prototype self-cleaning plane rest room the Boeing Company introduced lower back in 2016 that appears very promising.

As described, the self-cleaning lavatory makes use of a concentrated ultraviolet light (a long way ultraviolet C) to disinfect all surfaces of an airplane bathroom after every use.

The cleaning of the rest room seat, the sink and the countertops could be completed in just three seconds, correctly, at the same time as the bathroom turned into unoccupied.

The machine could even carry and close the toilet seat routinely, to make certain that every one surfaces are uncovered to the mild for the duration of the cleaning cycle.

Other functions of the proposed self-cleaning lavatory consist of fingers-free faucets, soap dispensers, trash flaps, bathroom lids and seat and hand dryers, a number of which already exist on many airplanes.

At the time, we loved the concept due to the fact airplane lavatories are regularly so icky and unappealing and so normally germy.

But now that COVID-19 is right here and providing the sort of frightening health risk, we love to peer the self-cleansing bathroom mounted on all airplanes. Wouldn’t you?

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