Souvenir evidence of extraterrestrial beings at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas

Here at Stuck at The Airport, we’re large fans of the fun, domestically-themed souvenirs that are on the market in lots of airport memento shops.

We understand there are alot of individuals who gather shot glass or key chains as a souvenir from the locations they go to. But we’re in particular fond of the bit more innovative, locally-themed chocolate sweet “poop” this is for sale in those shops.

We recognise these gadgets are exceptional gift items and huge sellers, however we suspect a variety of those sweet food items never get eaten.

(Although in my house, they’d be labeled as ’emergency’ meals..)

Examples in our ‘souvenir poop’ series include everything from Big Foot Poop discovered at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the Koala Poo noticed in on the airport in Sydney, Australia.

Now we've got one more packet to add to the gathering.

At McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas this week, we observed some Alien Poop mints within the Area 51 section of a memento save.

Silly? Yes, of direction. But when you are Airport Search, enjoyment comes in many bureaucracy.

Please be on the lookout for fun, less expensive, domestically-themed souvenirs in airport present stores and ship us a image. If your snap is featured right here in the course of Souvenir Sunday, we’ll send you a fun tour-themed souvenir.

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