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Snaps from British Airways’ lounges at JFK Airport

On my manner to London through British Airways from Terminal 7 at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on Friday, I turned into invited to excursion the newly refurbished British Airways  First front room, look inside the unique Concorde Room and spend time inside the Galleries front room.

Here are a few snaps from the day:


The new First living room is now 60 percent larger than the preceding living room – and includes a pre-flight dining region (shared with the Galleries /commercial enterprise front room), a pleasant quiet paintings region and this cute massive bar place.

When I exceeded thru it appeared to be each self-serve, with bartenders close by.

Around the corner from the bar is a Wine Room with an enomatic dispenser serving 1-ounce tasting pours of a whole lot of especially selected wine. Right now “Chardonnays of the World” are featured.

In addition to a pretty bountiful buffet inside the eating region, there has been this dim sum bar close by.

And (my favorite, after the complimentary 15-minute facial presented within the Elemis spa) –  a roving Gin and Tonic cart that changed into journeying both the First and Galleries loung regions.

Have you visited those lounges? Let us understand what you observed of the new and progressed (and almost finished…) spaces.

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