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Passenger-pleasant innovations in skies now – and at the horizon

(Airbus_A320 Family Airspace indoors. Courtesy Airbus)

For CNBC this week, I put together some of the maximum passenger-pleasant, or unusual, finalists vying for this 12 months’s Crystal Cabin Awards, that are set to be announced April 10 and often described as “the Oscars of the aviation enterprise.”

One of the greater unusual and intriuging ideas on the listing is something known as a ‘Durinal,’ by means of Zodia Aerospace.



You know how it's miles: after meals and just before landing, bathroom lines get long and the lav-to-passenger ratio in the economy cabin on airplanes just seems wrong. Worse, whilst lavs get busy, there’s that moist floor problem that comes courtesy of the male ‘splash region.’

The Durinal is designed to remedy both issues via changing one everyday bathroom with urinals. Durinal creator Zodiac Aerospace says putting in the bathrooms on planes can enhance lavatory “cycle time” and reduce down on male use of the traditional lavatories, “Thus leaving them more hygienic for the girls.”




On flights that aren’t complete, Zodiac Aerospace’s new Eco Zlounge concept makes it possible for passengers to stretch out with a mechanism that allows the cushion a part of the seat in the front of a passenger to fold down, creating more leg room.

No doubt the greater space will include an additional cost, however on long flights passengers may be willing to pay that fee.

See more finalists in my CNBC tale, right here.

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