Free WiFi – and greater – at Spokane Int’l Airport

Well, right here’s an airport moving inside the right path.

Washington’s Spokane International Airport, which serves about 3 million passengers a yr, is now offering travelers free Wi-Fi (properly, for 20 mins..) inside the Terminal Building and, beginning in September, might be supplying luggage carts at no charge.

“In today’s climate, humans are unhappy with the pricing models of air travel businesses and are laid low with declines in customer support,” stated airport director Lawrence Krauter.
“This is simply the beginning of our commitment to explore new ways to provide more purchaser delight at Spokane International Airport.”

Just the beginning? Wonder what will come next? Maybe a circus, just like the one supplied every 12 months at Dusseldorf International Airport. Or a miniature golfing path, like they've at Florida’s Palm Beach International Airport.

After all, that is the airport that serves as the gateway for the Spokane Fantasy Flight to the North Pole each December for 60 youngsters and their elf escorts – so you understand they realize how to have an excellent time.

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