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Lost and located at Frankfurt Airport

I’m tickled to be one in every of Lufthansa’s guests for a trip at the Airbus A380 plane touring from Frankfurt Airport to San Francisco International Airport on May tenth, the primary day the giant airplane starts offevolved ordinary carrier to SFO.

Airbus A380 at Frankfurt

I’ll have plenty of photos and info to percentage after my 10-hour ride, which comes after many hours spent traveling Frankfurt Airport.

Among my stops today changed into the airport’s Lost and Found branch, where Mr. Wallrodt (pictured beneath) was kind sufficient to take a moment away from his mission of searching for the rightful owner of this backpack.

Wallrodt advised me that the airport’s Lost and Found department receives about 80,000 lost objects a 12 months, and an average of three hundred lost laptops each month. Many of the items do become being again to their proprietors, but each 3 months the airport holds an auction to get rid of unclaimed objects.

The strangest object Wollrodt recalls being changed into his workplace? A parrot that didn’t say an excessive amount of and became speedy reunited with its proprietor.

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